When it comes to longer resistance bands used for functional rider training, we are the founders and hold a US utility patent on our Intellectual Property (11,083,927 B2). For us, with a medical licensed background (Physiotherapy), as a professional rider/biomechanics coach & years of testing parameters, latex is undoubtedly the best option. Let’s take an educated stroll down the lane of ‘Why’!?

For functional rider training, in our professional opinion, it is necessary for any resistance band/s used to be able to stretch as much as possible under multidirectional planes of motion (a point about fabric bands that does not meet our standards and that we will delve into below). We do however LOVE fabric bands for off horse training ~ read our why below 👇🏼


The material used (polyester cotton + latex) makes these types of bands less stretchy, therefore adding a greater amount of resistance to the counter-pull on your musculoskeletal system. Fabric blended bands produce between 25-70pounds / 11-31kgs of force into your system (depending on how tall you are as they are often only a single length). These force parameters make them too strong for functional SET training of the rider, but excellent for strength training off the horse.

Off horse, fabric resistance bands are fantastic for facilitating activation and keeping maximum tension on your system. This is great for muscle building, but this is not what we generally want to work on in the saddle. In the saddle we are working on fine tuning a riders neuromuscular function & further developing proprioceptive skillsets.

Fabric resistance bands are therefore better suited to closed chain exercises such as squats, hip thrusts, monster walks, leg press etc. A fabric blended band is also more likely to stretch and warp over time, especially with repeated use and time placed under sustained tension at a focal point. This can affect their performance and effectiveness, requiring you to replace them more frequently. We ran longterm tests on a fabric band and you can see the results over time below 👀 The fibers in the fabric WILL warp due to their cotton/polyester/latex blend when forces are applied to the fabric over sustained timeframes.


Latex bands possess a greater elasticity, allowing their stretch properties to give way and react to a counter-pull on the rider. Unlike Fabric bands, Latex maintain 4-way stretch elongation properties and 100% consistent pull force over repeated use. This allows smooth co-contraction and positive synergistic responses of the riders systems with each ridden movement.

Our latex bands produce and deliver between 5-20pounds / 2.3 – 9kgs of continuously varying force loads into your system. MUCH LESS than a fabric blended band. Ultimately this response gives way to a wider range of available motion responses in multidirectional planes, which is what we want to encourage for adaptability of the riders position in the saddle. Your position should not be ‘bound down’ with excessive tensions.

The reason we use and developed our Intellectual property using latex is in the available stretch properties created. Latex will elicit continuous micro-adjustments by delivering wavering tension to your systems, enhancing the effectiveness of your SET to functionally train your motor skills and sense of balance whilst riding. Thus working on developing a functionally effective position during absorption of forces from your horse. In a fabric band you are constantly ‘fighting’ the push from greater forces rather than moulding into the resistance to create a dynamic seat from a variable 4-way stretch property.

Of course there are cons to every product and some downsides to latex are that they are more prone to ‘tears’ and will degrade over time. We recommend taking good care of your bands and also advise to replace your latex posture slings once a year, much like you do with any other resistance training band used for off horse strength and conditioning in the gym.

I hope this helps to give a mindful education on the difference between both fabric and elastic resistance band options. As always, do what feels best for you, but ask questions & educate yourselves before strapping yourselves in!

Happy Rider Functional strength & conditioning


RNZPT, MNZPT, CKTP, Founder Rider Resistance Bands  🎓🐴💪🏼

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