Physical Therapy Del Mar

Our Practice

The Performance Refinery mission is to be your one stop body shop.

We pride ourselves in being leaders of Functional Movement practice with a detailed, multi-faceted, manual therapy approach towards enhancing your Body Mechanics systems.

At The Performance Refinery we aim to create a Health, Wellness, Training, and Performance platform where we give you, our clients, the necessary tools to Educate, Motivate, Inspire, Train and Enable you to become the best version of yourself possible. We firmly believe that there is no ‘One size fits all’ treatment box, nor a ‘perfect’ postural map that every human needs to fit into. You are unique and we treat you as such. We work with you to assist in bringing you towards your best functional alignment in order to help you achieve both your best outcomes and pain free goals.

TPR is a Sports Science/Medicine specialty clinic. We provide a Biomechanics, Body Work and Performance Training services, located in a private studio setting. We have an extensive background in numerous sports – to name a few our founder has worked with elite teams in all of the following sports; Volleyball, Golf, Triathlon, MMA, Tennis, Rowing and specializes in Equestrian Performance. Britta is also an accredited Sports Medicine Science provider to the US equestrian team.

We encompass Scientific, Research-based evidence alongside Holistic Healing practice, giving you the very best results. Through the use of thorough diagnostic processes, assessments & detailed treatment plans we aspire to rid patients of pain, rehabilitate injuries, generate awareness, educate, strengthen and improve muscle tone, improve skeletal & biomechanical alignment, improve form & balance as well as overall performance and function. When we work together as a ‘Team’ your quality of life & performance outcomes, in both sport and everyday activities skyrocket.

By special request, our service is extended to the privacy of your barn. This allows both off and on horse biomechanics & sports science therapy sessions to take place in the same location.

At Performance Refinery, we believe that every BODY is different & we formulate specific plans towards your unique goals.