Payment Info

We are a cash-based practice, which means that you do not need insurance to take advantage of our services.

We do NOT accept any insurance providers. We will happily structure a superbill upon request which you can submit to your respective provider requesting reimbursement. We can not confirm whether your insurance provider will cover our services

Sports Science Therapy & Biomechanics Pricing Plan. Note pricing differs between Britta & Staff rates 

Initial Assessment, Treatment & Plan: New Patient (Britta) $250
New Injury (Assessment & Treatment): Existing Patient (Britta)  $190
Follow-Up : 45-50mins (Britta) $160
Initial Assessment, Treatment & Plan: New Patient (Staff) $150
Follow-Up : 45-50mins (Staff) $110
Shockwave (Single) $80
Shockwave Package (x5) $300
Shockwave ADD-ON to a full treatment session $50
Sports Science Physio Treatment Packages: (With Britta) x5 – $750

x10 – $1450

EQUESTRIAN: Ridden Muscle Balance Assessment (RMBA) + Plan with Britta $250 (excludes travel costs)
Equiformance Rider Biomechanics and Performance Clinic (x8 Rides)

*This includes Follow-up plans for each rider of 4-5exercises within our secure online platform