Payment Info

We are a cash-based practice, which means that you do not need insurance to take advantage of our services! We currently do not accept any insurance providers, but we will structure and print a superbill upon request for you to submit to your respective provider.

Sports Science Therapy & Biomechanics Pricing Plan

Initial Assessment with Britta, Treatment & Plan: New Patient $170
New Injury (Assessment & Treatment): Existing Patient $150
SS Body Work Mechanics – Follow up (30mins) $80
SS Body Work Mechanics – Follow up with Britta (50mins) $130
SS Body Work Mechanics – Follow up with Kayla (50mins) $115
Additional Modalities (Kinesiotaping, Mcconnell Taping, Dry Needling) $10/body part
Muscle Balance Assessment (MBA) & Training Plan with Britta $200 (full) $90 (half)
Ridden Muscle Balance Assessment (RMBA) + Plan with Britta $200 (excludes travel costs)
Equiformance Equestrian Rider Performance Team $350/Month (2 Virtual)

$550/Month (4 Virtual)

$200/Month (Training Plans only)

Equiformance Rider Biomechanics and Performance Clinic Please contact for logistics and Day Rate