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Performance Training

Marny J.

Matthew K.
Britta, thank you for spending time coaching Alana, teaching her new concepts of flexibility, postural and core stability on the Total Gym GTS. All important facets of the dynamic movement of a golf swing. Your athletic kinesthetic knowledge is outstanding and your ability to relate, while teaching a junior athlete was very impressive.
Dani M.
After struggling with an old injury, I started working with Britta over the Winter on my flatwork. This has already made a significant difference in our jumping and I feel more prepared coming into this season.

At Performance Refinery, our main priority is dedicated to helping you reach your personal fitness goals whilst setting you up to be successful along the way. We strive to help you live an active lifestyle free from injury, pain, and movement restrictions. Our highly-trained and certified staff are committed to inspiring your love for physical fitness, teaching you healthy habits to improve your everyday life and helping you reach newfound heights! A successful fitness regimen is a personal thing and needs to be specific to both you and your goals. We work very closely with you to cater your fitness program to your individual needs. Whether your goal is weight loss, cardiovascular endurance, sporting preparation, feeling stronger or improving daily energy through fitness, we will help you get there.

We utilize the latest techniques in corrective exercise, functional movement, and strength training to correct postural dysfunction and muscular imbalances that may be a leading cause to pain and injury. By correcting muscular imbalances and physiological stressors, we are able to achieve optimal strength and well-being. Once proper movement patterns are achieved you and your trainer will focus on working towards the goals that you identified during your initial consultation. We look forward to getting started with you on reaching your fitness goals. If you have questions on how our one on training can benefit you request an appointment with Performance Refinery in Del Mar, CA.