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Emma W.
Seriously impressed! I haven't found anyone as good as Britta from Performance Refinery in my 7 years living in the USA. As a professional horse rider, I can get bouts of crippling back pain. My last one lasted 6 months and not even prescription medication could fix it. Britta 100% fixed it for me in only 3 sessions. Highly recommend!!!
Dani M.
After struggling with an old injury, I started working with Britta over the Winter on my flatwork. This has already made a significant difference in our jumping and I feel more prepared coming into this season.
Donelle B.
Britta has been not only an inspirational rider and trainer but has conveyed her experience and knowledge in such a way that makes your goals a reality! Thanks, Britta for giving me a forward-thinking workable plan to help with my disability and never thinking for one moment that I couldn’t get there!!!
Bronwyn P.
I severely injured my hip whilst riding 4yrs ago, requiring surgery. This greatly impacted on my way of life. I was on over 20 pain, sleeping and morphine pills per day, unable to ride or do any normal daily duties. I am now back riding pain-free, have lost over 10kgs and love exercising again.

Riding is so much more than just sitting in the saddle! It doesn’t matter what sport you play, the athletes that are dedicated to becoming the best in their field, use sport-specific performance training and treatment methods outside of the hours they spend in ‘sport mode’. At The Performance Refinery, we have both the Knowledge and Equestrian Specific Background to get you the very best results. We will help you to develop a functionally stable and effective seat, whilst keeping you strong, limiting the occurrence of injuries.

Our Clinic Director has spent years developing a sport specific 4 part ‘Equestrian RMBA’ (Ridden Muscle Balance Assessment) system. Our system consists of a series of strength, flexibility, and Range of Motion tests, performed to the upper & lower body, spine and core. The specific RMBA (both off & on your horse) is structured into 4 phases.

Stage 1: We look at your postural alignment & biomechanical systems during the warm-up phase on your horse.

Stage 2: We will see you put through a variety of specific tests from the ground, where we identify any possible muscular weaknesses, tightness, dysfunctions, joint hyper/hypo-mobility.

Stage 3: We comprehensively explain the biomechanics of ‘your’ seat in the saddle and closely guide you on how to make correct and effective changes. We work with you on the horse for the remainder of the session as this will help you to cement the “feel” of your alignment and achieve postural harmony between both you and your horse’s way of going.

Stage 4 (ADD ON): From October 2019 this is now an Add-On service, available by request only at an extra charge. The Rider must request this additional service at the time of the clinic. The results of the RMBA assessment can serve as a blueprint for your Rider Performance Program (RPP) and allow you to work with your Trainer/Coach & Physiotherapist/Physical Therapist to custom design a very specific and individualized on and off horse plan to meet your needs.

Equestrian Rider Performance Program: (CURRENTLY FULL!)

We have the ability to custom work with YOU! The Performance Refinery offers Performance Training options for Riders whom are local, out of state OR International. Our Personalised online training program is everything that you will need to get the results you’ve been looking for, stay motivated and increase your riding performance.

So how does this work?? We cater to you with a direct online training package. Your work-out plans are emailed to you weekly or monthly, depending on your plan and are customized to YOUR specific needs & goals (you will NEVER get bored)

We consult with each client on a monthly basis via a phone consultation, where we discuss a reviewed ridden video of you and your horse & send to you via email, your bio-mechanical findings with your specific performance plan to keep you progressing towards your goals.

You will never get lost! Goal-setting and Progress picture analysis is also an intricate part of our training protocol process.

This training program is available in two options:

  • Get your feet wet with our 4 Week Rider Performance Plan


  • Gear up to make significant changes with our 12 Week Rider Performance Plan

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Equiformance Posture Sling Rider Performance Training Kit:

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