Rider Physio/Biomechanics and Performance Clinics

Emma W.
Seriously impressed! I haven't found anyone as good as Britta from Performance Refinery in my 7 years living in the USA. As a professional horse rider, I can get bouts of crippling back pain. My last one lasted 6 months and not even prescription medication could fix it. Britta 100% fixed it for me in only 3 sessions. Highly recommend!!!
Dani M.
After struggling with an old injury, I started working with Britta over the Winter on my flatwork. This has already made a significant difference in our jumping and I feel more prepared coming into this season.
Donelle B.
Britta has been not only an inspirational rider and trainer but has conveyed her experience and knowledge in such a way that makes your goals a reality! Thanks, Britta for giving me a forward-thinking workable plan to help with my disability and never thinking for one moment that I couldn’t get there!!!
Bronwyn P.
I severely injured my hip whilst riding 4yrs ago, requiring surgery. This greatly impacted on my way of life. I was on over 20 pain, sleeping and morphine pills per day, unable to ride or do any normal daily duties. I am now back riding pain-free, have lost over 10kgs and love exercising again.

Interested in hosting a Clinic; Read on for our Rider Clinic Logistics

Clinic Format

Day 1: 1 Hour Session Time (Includes full On & Off Horse assessments, Short format treatments if needed + exercise prescription. Followed by returning to an ‘On Horse’ Biomechanics coaching

Day 2: 45min Session Times. Mostly spent ‘On Horse’ to further delve and consolidate from day 1, looking at Rider alignment and NMRT from a coaching side, Further Re-testing/treatment if needed.

Day Rate: $1600usd

Maximum number of Riders: x8

Will add on up to 10 Riders at special request

Extra Costs associated to Organizing Clinic:

  • Flights & Airport transportation
  • Baggage + Oversized baggage (Treatment Table, if one can’t be supplied at clinic location)
  • Accommodation (Hotel required for any 1st time Clinic hosts)
  • If driving (outside of 40mins) hourly drive/travel expenses @ $100/hour 
  • Uber Transport costs to/from airport OR Airport Parking
  • Pickup/Transport to/from Clinic Airport/Accommodation/Venue