Introducing The Rider Training Pyramid

This is going to change your riding life! If you’re wanting to be a more effective, healthier rider and a better partner to your horse, this is a new tool designed to help you.

As riders, we have all studied the Training Scale Pyramid for Horses.

The Training Pyramid for Horses, German in origination.

The Training Pyramid is a natural progression that builds on itself, laying a strong foundation before building strength, suppleness, and skills in layers on top. But what about the Training Pyramid for Riders? Are we not 50% of this athlete team equation? The truth is, the rider has been mostly the forgotten part of the athletic equation for a long time … but not anymore!

Riders are athletes, and it’s important to shift our mindset to thinking this way — and caring for ourselves accordingly. Many wonder how to be a “better” rider, but I challenge you to think of it more from the angle of how to be a better partner to your horse. Saddle skills can be developed, and a healthy body that feels good will equip you with the best tools to improve the delivery of your aids and, therefore, your riding.

My brain has been thinking about this concept and constructing this for the past year and a half and now, we finally have a Rider Training Pyramid! My work with riders of all levels and riding disciplines has given me a front row seat to watching a rider develop her partnership with her horse, and now it’s my job to help all of us be our best possible selves — in the saddle, and out.

To that end, I created this Training Pyramid to contribute to a community of educated, physically self-aware riders who not only want to be effective in the saddle — they want to FEEL GOOD too! This in turn leads to better, happier horses.

I’m going to break down each training tier over the next weeks, so watch out right here for more and follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more content. In the meantime, share this post with a friend!