Patient Testimonials

  • “I first came to Britta in November 2021 hardly being able to walk due to low back pain. As an equestrian professional I have had a slew of injuries over the years including a broken sacrum and pelvis and not rehabbing them properly years ago finally caught up with me. Britta’s knowledge of the body and how it functions goes far beyond any other physical therapist or body worker professional I have seen in the past, and there is a lot of them! What she accomplishes with me in an hour is more productive than months of other work I have had done. Britta is now a regular part of my routine to keep my body moving forward and in peak performance so I am able to continue to work and ride to the best of my ability. As of January 2022 my body feels the best it has in as long as I can remember including zero lower back pain. I honestly can’t thank her enough.”
    Alis C.

  • “I highly recommend Britta! Amazing, truly knowledge and skilled physiotherapist!! After been suffering for more than a year with back pain due to herniated disc (L4-L5), visiting doctors that could only offer surgery or pain meds as alternatives to my problem, Britta was the one that truly listened to my story, my problem and designed a recovery plan for me. From not being able to sit for more than 10 min or sleep well through the night, I am back living a normal life, pain free, bicycling, swimming and playing with my son. Britta not only helped with my recovery, but she also developed a plan to strengthen my body, so it doesn’t go back to the same situation I was before meeting her. Thank you Brita for all your care and dedication!! Enzo G.”

    Enzo G

  • Seriously impressed! I haven’t found anyone as good as Britta from Performance Refinery in my 7 years living in the USA. As a professional horse rider, I can get bouts of crippling back pain. My last one lasted 6 months and not even prescription medication could fix it. Britta 100% fixed it for me in only 3 sessions. Highly recommend!!!

    Emma W.

  • Absolutely amazing! Have been dealing with long-term pain for over a year due to scar tissue build up and mobility issues with a distal bicep tear and a shoulder impingement. Went to several P.T.’s for treatment but was thoroughly disappointed with the lack of knowledge, effort, and hands-off approach that was taken by some well reputable companies. Britta actually listened to my issues, researched my specific needs as an athlete, and developed a plan to get me back climbing and lifting weights pain-free!!! Highly recommended!!

    Brandon D.

  • I have always been healthy and active until a car accident in late 2014 changed all that. I was unable to work out, play sports, and was in pain during everyday activities. I was forced to go through my insurance for physical therapy and was so disappointed with the treatment methods and the result that I never went back. I am extremely impressed with her hands-on approach, feel, and knowledge. In just a few sessions she fixed what 3 months of constant Chiropractic treatment could not. I am now pain-free and back to doing the things I love. Whatever your injury, even if you think you will never be 100% again give Britta a shot and I promise she will prove you wrong!

    Jonathan R.

  • OMG!  What took me so long to find the perfect solution for my mid back.  I have been dealing with kyphosis for over 10 years, and have seen numerous chiropractors, massage therapists, and kinesiologists.  When I met Britta I decided to give her a shot…and not only is she amazing but life-changing. I was expecting her to show me exercises for my back, but unbeknownst to me, her work is all hands on manipulation. My back is the most mobile it’s ever been and the pain level has decreased significantly. I am seeing her weekly for my back issues. Not only is she a great therapist, but she has a beautiful heart and spirit!

    Denise C.

  • Absolutely the best!  Britta has gone above and beyond for me not only in helping my body recover from the wear and tear of riding dressage, she has also helped me with my nutrition like no one else has!! She is always there for me when I need her and always builds me back when I fall!  Her hands-on work has helped improve my riding immensely! I feel all around better after seeing her!

    Sofie F.

  • Incredibly skilled!  Britta has been the absolute key to getting back in the saddle.  I came off and broke my pelvis. The plates and screws put things back together, but Britta was really the one who got things moving well enough to allow me to get back on.  She’s the best!

    Mike D.

  • Britta is an amazing physiotherapist. Over the last year, she has helped me recover and get back to 100% from injuries related to my shoulders and back. I would not go to anyone else and refer her constantly. If you have an injury that just won’t heal and want to stay active see Britta she will sort it out!

    Matt S.

  • Britta and her studio are incredible! I have been struggling with pain in my lower back for years and she quickly identified and started working to offer relief in my first session with her. I live in Orange County and drive down to see Britta, she is effective and helps work on other issues that have been contributing to my back pain- she’s good at providing a full-solution. My IT Band was apparently so tight it had been causing total misalignment throughout my spine, I am not completely pain-free (this has been a 3+ year issue), but I can honestly as I am feeling healthier and in less pain than I ever have. Britta loves what she does and it is easy to see this in the time and care she spends with you, that’s the first thing I noticed and one of the only PTs I’ve ever visited who took time to fully address my issue. Thank you Britta!

    Anthony T.

  • I am so thankful to have Britta as my Physical Therapist. I  make frequent visits for deep tissue work and mobility strength training. My most notable issue being my achilles and ankles. She is very knowledgeable. I love how I can ask her anything, whether it be concerns regarding recent workouts or training tips. I have seen significant improvement since I’ve begun at Performance Refinery.

    Derek T.

  • Thank God for Britta! I would send anyone here in a heartbeat. She’s totally helped me with my lower back pain by working with the muscles surrounding the affected area to loosen and relax them. Combined with exercises to strengthen the area, my back is feeling it’s best it’s ever been since my herniated disc came about in 2016. Bonus points for her knowledge of the equestrian sport and how a riders body is affected in the saddle. You will not regret your trip here!

    Sybil R.

  • Britta and her team are the best physio-therapist/ body whisperers you will find in SoCal.  If you are in pain or seeking to improve your performance CALL HER NOW!

    Marny J.

  • Britta is amazing! She helped me figure out why my back was hurting so much and completely fixed the root cause of the problem which was actually my hip flexor that was strained. I’ve had back pain for the last couple of months and have had to stop working out altogether because of the pain. Even tying my shoes and turning over in bed hurt. After seeing Britta just twice my pain has reduced 10 fold. I feel She is so knowledgeable and clearly has a lot of experience. She is super sweet and checked up on me after each session. She told me which exercises to do to correct my problem and is reasonably priced! I am an athlete and often have injuries and so it’s so nice to have found someone that actually knows what they are doing to turn to.

    Michelle V.

  • Thank you to Britta for helping identify some issues that have been plaguing me my entire life, and coming up with a strategy that will help me. Britta does a great job of solving your body’s problems as she goes, and she takes her time to ensure she gives you a plan that works for you.

    Sally S.

  • In 2012 I sustained a serious injury to my right leg in a horse riding accident, resulting in an ACL tear, meniscus tear, MCL and LCL tears … By June 2013 I had undergone several surgeries to reconstruct my knee, after some failed attempts and several complications and a year of hospital stays and being on crutches, I was still left with severe pain in the knee, limited movement and control of the leg, severe muscle atrophy and nerve damage resulting in total numbness below the knee. After months of treatment there was still no improvement, the rest of my body having to compensate already for two years this stage was also suffering from uneven muscle development and constant pain. My dreams of returning back to the arena to compete looked impossible. I felt the medical team and therapists treating me did not understand my requirements and desire to fully recover, nor did they really care. Knowing Britta’s own story, and as a rider who understands what our bodies need to do in our sport, I decided to start treatment with Britta at the end of 2013.

    After the first session with Britta my body was no longer in pain, my knee felt strange, light and almost normal and over the next few days I started to get pins and needles in my foot and leg! The first sensation I had had in it for nearly two years!

    As the treatment continued, I made rapid progress, keeping up with my rehabilitation program I was able to make a speedy recovery in a matter of months, resulting in an almost normal functioning leg. Although there was still large areas of numbness and pins and needles, muscle tone, strength, feeling co-ordination were all returning and I remained free of pain.

    Now several years later, I am back riding full time and competing top level. My body and indeed knee are pain free, and I have full range of motion and control of my leg, there is one numb patch that still remains but it seems to be shrinking in size.

    Britta’s approach, understanding and compassion during and after my treatment were paramount to my recovery. Not only did she help me recover physically but also emotionally from the depression that resulted from such an injury and watching your dreams and goals dissolve and having seemingly no power over it. She also helped with my mental recovery, giving me confidence not only to do normal things again, walk, run, do yoga, but also to return to my sport with conviction to be better.

    I will forever be grateful to Britta for being the key to my recovery, her professionalism and empathy all aided in my recovery and her own story is a continual inspiration to me. I’m proud to call her a friend and forever grateful to her. Thank you for giving me back my body, my life and my dreams Britta

    Vay S.

  • Britta, thank you for spending time coaching Alana, teaching her new concepts of flexibility, postural and core stability on the Total Gym GTS. All important facets of the dynamic movement of a golf swing. Your athletic kinesthetic knowledge is outstanding and your ability to relate, while teaching a junior athlete was very impressive. You are an inspiration for Alana and she appreciated your patience while enjoying every minute of her session. She has implemented what she has learned from you into her weekly Strength-Pilates training sessions and we are happy to report she topped the 200 yard mark with four drives in the last two tournaments for the first time in her (10 year old) young career. Thank you again and keep up your great work!

    Matthew K.

  • I’ve suffered from low back pain on and off for many years… Following seeking advice from numerous therapists, whom had been unable to diagnose the underlying cause of the problem and only ever having short term relief from my symptoms, I felt like this was something I was going to have to manage for life. As soon as I met Britta from Performance Physiques I felt confident that I was in the right hands and receiving the best treatment and advice to say goodbye to my back pain for good. Britta’s assessment was in depth and she immediately diagnosed my lumbar spine dysfunction following thorough objective assessment and testing. I’ve only had 3 treatments so far and already my LBP symptoms have resolved! I now have a great management plan and know exactly how to look after my body to keep it functioning at its best. Britta is excellent at not only her hands on techniques but also educating you on the nature of your diagnosis. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Performance Physiques to anyone seeking a highly experienced and qualified practitioner. Thank you so much for your help!

    Jessica P.

  • I met Britta after being referred by my surgeon. My injuries occurred when I fell down a flight of stairs. I had four bowel surgeries and reconstructive spine surgery, all thru my abdomen, along with extensive soft tissue damage to my back, shoulders, and neck. On my first visit to Britta, I could stand up, but I was bent over and could only manage to shuffle. Britta spent a significant amount of time understanding my injuries, my surgeries and how I was feeling. She then put together a program that I could do on my own, along with a support system from her. Britta’s capability is second to none. Not only can she feel how the muscles, nerves, ligaments etc are responding to her treatment at any point in time, she recognizes how far she can push to get the best healing results. Britta’s empathy and understanding have gone a long way for me, but she has never let me quit on myself, or give up, always pushing me to try new exercises and work a little bit harder. She also spends quality time with me. I have never felt rushed through and always come out feeling so much better than when I arrived.

    It has been an extremely long road to recovery for me, which was always to be expected, but that journey has been supported tremendously by Britta’s healing hands. I am now exercising daily, walking strong and tall again and starting to feel like myself! I feel that had I not met Britta when I did, I would not be as fit and able as I am today. I will never hesitate to recommend Britta to anyone who needs support in healing from an injury or for ongoing maintenance. I believe that she is absolutely the best there could ever possibly be in her profession.

    Lisa A.

  • Being on young horses my posture really suffered. Through physio with Britta, I have become aware of my posture in the saddle and during the day to day activities. Britta tailored exercises to help strengthen my body, in particular, core exercises which have helped my position in the saddle and at work sitting in front of a computer. I feel much stronger, my riding has improved and I now do not suffer from lower back pain.

    Chanel C.

  • After struggling with an old injury, I started working with Britta over the Winter on my flatwork. I have noticed huge changes in my riding strength and balance which has benefited our whole team of horses in becoming more supple, balanced and using themselves properly in their work. This has already made a significant difference in our jumping and I feel more prepared coming into this season.

    Dani M.

  • Britta has been not only an inspirational rider and trainer but has conveyed her experience and knowledge in such a way that makes your goals a reality! Thanks, Britta for giving me a forward-thinking workable plan to help with my disability and never thinking for one moment that I couldn’t get there!!!

    Donelle B.

  • I severely injured my hip whilst riding 4yrs ago, requiring surgery. This greatly impacted on my way of life. I was on over 20 pain, sleeping and morphine pills per day, unable to ride or do any normal daily duties. I just couldn’t function and subsequently gained a lot of weight. I found out about Britta and she helped with my rehab using a hands-on Physical therapy approach, as well as prescribing a program to get me fit, pain-free and healthy again. I am now back riding pain-free, have lost over 10kgs and love exercising again. Britta always helped without hesitation and with a smile. Anyone wanting to get fit, healthy and pain-free on or off your horse will never regret getting involved with Britta 🙂

    Bronwyn P.

  • I started to see Britta over 6 months ago due to back problems that I had on and off for years. Since then I have watched my posture change and muscles that I thought I would never see again start working properly, it has been a remarkable journey that has only just started and I can’t wait to get to the finished result. I highly recommend Britta as someone who doesn’t just fix the problem at hand but looks deeper to find why it has happened in the first place and fix that instead. Thanks for all your hard work.

    Kea M.