Britta Anna Pedersen, Director, RNZPT*, MNZSPT*, CKTP

Registered New Zealand Physiotherapist (RNZPT*)

Member of the New Zealand Society of Physiotherapy (MNZPT*)

Hi, my name is Britta. I am the PR Studio Director, High Performance International Sports Science, Functional Biomechanics & Equestrian movement specialist. I am a registered and licensed Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist & Performance Trainer from New Zealand, RNZPT (Registered New Zealand Physiotherapist), with an extensive career of over 17 years practical hands-on experience in the Sports Medicine field.

My passion for helping humans began long ago on the land of the long white cloud, Aotearoa. I completed my High-School education graduating with an A level International Baccalaureate Diploma from Kristin School. This opened entry into any university worldwide but my heart was firmly located in New Zealand and due to N.Z’s BHSc (Physiotherapy) program being recognized as one of the best in the world, I chose to complete my Postgraduate studies here. This also meant that I could continue to compete as a semi-professional equestrian rider, pursuing my long-term goals of representing N.Z on the International stage. During my 4th year Musculoskeletal clinical rotation I was offered a new-grad position under leading Auckland Physiotherapist Murray Hing, whom I regard as my mentor. This man single handedly taught me what the true meaning of ‘functional performance’ is and just how necessary ‘manual therapy’ is to a Physiotherapists skill sets. In 2005 I graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science degree, majoring in Physiotherapy, from the Auckland University of Technology. From 2005-2012 I worked under Murray at his Auckland based Physio practice ‘Flexa Clinic’ in New Zealand. In 2012 I branched out to specialize in my chosen field of Equestrian, opening the doors of my first private practice.

As a previous high-performance athlete, I first hand understand the demands we place on the body and just how effective and reliable we need our body’s to be in order to not only be successful but also for longevity throughout life. I firmly believe that you can’t expect to perform at your best if you don’t take adequate care of your vessel at a ‘functional’ level. Prevention along with dedicated specific care is paramount for your functioning performance, thats where I come in.

I strive to provide all my clients with first-hand knowledge, experience, personalized treatment plans and recommendations from both a highly educated and experienced functional background. My clients all gain real-time experience, years of dedicated knowledge & a manual therapy approach laced with compassion, understanding and commitment. Reaching your goals is my top priority.


Below you will find an outline of my qualifications and extensive functional manual therapy treatment approach

  • BHSc Physiotherapy 2005
  • Registered New Zealand Physiotherapist (RNZPT*)
  • Member of the New Zealand Society of Physiotherapy (MNZPT*)
  • P1E Certificate of Equivalency in Physical Therapy Masters granted into the USA in 2022
  • Accredited Human Sports Science Medicine Physio to USEF Equestrian
  • Certified Kinesio taping Practitioner CKTP
  • Trained in Mulligan Principles (Upper & Lower Quartile)
  • Acupuncture – Dry needling (NZ)
  • Certified Bosu Trainer
  • Certified Total Gym Trainer
  • Total Gym Trainer IHRSA 2016, 2017, 2018
  • International Sports Science, Physiotherapy & Equestrian Biomechanics Clinician, Author & Lecturer


  • FM1 – Functional Mobilization 1
  • FMUE – Functional Mobilization Upper Extremities
  • FMLE – Functional Mobilization Lower Extremities
  • FMLT – Functional Mobilization Lower Trunk
  • PNF – Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation
  • DFA – Dynamic Foot and Ankle

Athletic background:

I have been a competitive equestrian rider for more than 25years of my life. Beginning at pony club, moving onto horse trials up the grades to Advanced level before more recently switching disciplines and training in the Grand Prix dressage arena. Throughout my career I have been on numerous NZ teams as both an Event and Dressage rider. In 2013 representing NZ at the Sydney CDI 3* Dressage event, placing the highest female rider in both the PSG & Intermediare 1. I am currently taking a break from my own competitive riding to focus on my Sports Medicine practice located in California, USA and raising a family.



  • NZ Novice 3 Day Event Champion
  • NZ Young Rider Event Champion – 2nd
  • International Sydney CDI & Top placed female rider in FEI PSG & FEI Intermediare 2013 – 5th overall
  • NZ Advanced Dressage Horse of the Year 2012
  • NZ Advanced National Dressage Champion 2012
  • NZ PSG World Dressage Challenge 2012 – 4th