Britta Anna Pedersen

Britta Anna Pedersen, Director, RNZPT*, MNZSPT*, CKTP

Registered New Zealand Physiotherapist (RNZPT*)

Member of the New Zealand Society of Physiotherapy (MNZPT*)

Britta is our Studio Director and Leading International Sports Science & Biomechanics Therapist. She is a registered and licensed Senior Physiotherapist & Performance Trainer from New Zealand, RNZPT (Registered New Zealand Physiotherapist), with an extensive career of over 16 years practical hands-on experience in the Sports science Musculoskeletal field.

As a high-performance athlete herself, she completely understands the demands we place on the body and just how effective and reliable we need our body’s to be. Britta firmly believes that you can’t expect to perform at your best if you don’t take care of your number one vessel! Meaning that prevention is paramount for your functioning performance and in maintaining optimal balance for winning outcomes!

She strives to provide her clients with first-hand knowledge, experience, personalized treatment and recommendations from both a highly educated and experienced background. Giving you, the client, both real-time experience, knowledge, compassion, and understanding – reaching your goals is a priority.

Britta holds numerous sporting, training and physiotherapy treatment certifications. She is certified and registered from New Zealand, with over 16 years of hands-on Musculoskeletal and sports science clinical experience. She has an intense passion for sports and biomechanics, is an Internationally recognized FEI level Dressage Rider, Bikini Fitness competitor, and Freelance Health & Fitness author, making her an expert in her field.

Britta finished her High-School years successfully with an A grade International Baccalaureate Diploma from Kristin School, gaining entry into any university worldwide. New Zealand is regarded as an extremely high-level BHSc (Physiotherapy) program and she chose to complete her studies here. This meant that she could continue to compete as a semi-professional equestrian rider, pursuing her long-term goals of representing her country on the International stage.

During her 4th year Musculoskeletal clinical placement, she was offered a new-grad position under leading Auckland Physiotherapist Murray Hing, whom she regards as my mentor. In 2005 Britta graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science degree, majoring in Physiotherapy, from the Auckland University of Technology. The following 8yrs Britta worked under Murray at his Auckland based practice ‘Flexa Clinic’ in New Zealand. In 2012 she branched out to specialize in her own field, opening the doors of Equipoise Physiotherapy & Performance Training in New Zealand.

Britta’s athletic background:

Britta has been a competitive equestrian rider her entire life. She began at pony club, moving onto horse trials and up the grades to Advanced level. Most recently Britta switches disciplines and was training in the Grand Prix dressage arena. She has been on numerous NZ teams as both an Event and Dressage rider, in 2013 representing NZ at the Sydney CDI 3* Dressage event, where she was the highest placed female rider in both the PSG & Intermediare 1 divisions. Britta is currently taking a break from her own competitive riding to launch her Health & Biomechanics brand, Performance Physiques, into the USA.



  • NZ Novice 3 Day Event Champion
  • 2nd NZ Young Rider Event Champion
  • 5th International Sydney CDI & Top placed female rider in FEI PSG & FEI Intermediare 2013
  • NZ Advanced Dressage Horse of the Year 2012
  • NZ Advanced National Dressage Champion 2012
  • 4th NZ PSG World Dressage Challenge 2012

Body Building

  • Competitor in the NPC USA Muscle Contest Bikini Division 2015 – Present


  • International Baccalaureate Diploma 2000
  • BHSc Physiotherapy 2005
  • Registered New Zealand Physiotherapist (RNZPT*)
  • Member of the New Zealand Society of Physiotherapy (MNZPT*)
  • Certified Bosu Trainer
  • Certified Total Gym Trainer
  • Certified Kinesio taping Practitioner CKTP
  • Acupuncture – Dry needling
  • Mulligan Techniques (Upper & Lower Quartile)
  • Total Gym Trainer IHRSA 2016, 2017, 2018
  • International Sports Science, Physiotherapy & Equestrian Biomechanics author