Lisa A.

I met Britta after being referred by my surgeon. My injuries occurred when I fell down a flight of stairs. I had four bowel surgeries and reconstructive spine surgery, all thru my abdomen, along with extensive soft tissue damage to my back, shoulders, and neck. On my first visit to Britta, I could stand up, but I was bent over and could only manage to shuffle. Britta spent a significant amount of time understanding my injuries, my surgeries and how I was feeling. She then put together a program that I could do on my own, along with a support system from her. Britta’s capability is second to none. Not only can she feel how the muscles, nerves, ligaments etc are responding to her treatment at any point in time, she recognizes how far she can push to get the best healing results. Britta’s empathy and understanding have gone a long way for me, but she has never let me quit on myself, or give up, always pushing me to try new exercises and work a little bit harder. She also spends quality time with me. I have never felt rushed through and always come out feeling so much better than when I arrived.

It has been an extremely long road to recovery for me, which was always to be expected, but that journey has been supported tremendously by Britta’s healing hands. I am now exercising daily, walking strong and tall again and starting to feel like myself! I feel that had I not met Britta when I did, I would not be as fit and able as I am today. I will never hesitate to recommend Britta to anyone who needs support in healing from an injury or for ongoing maintenance. I believe that she is absolutely the best there could ever possibly be in her profession.