Vay S.

In 2012 I sustained a serious injury to my right leg in a horse riding accident, resulting in an ACL tear, meniscus tear, MCL and LCL tears … By June 2013 I had undergone several surgeries to reconstruct my knee, after some failed attempts and several complications and a year of hospital stays and being on crutches, I was still left with severe pain in the knee, limited movement and control of the leg, severe muscle atrophy and nerve damage resulting in total numbness below the knee. After months of treatment there was still no improvement, the rest of my body having to compensate already for two years this stage was also suffering from uneven muscle development and constant pain. My dreams of returning back to the arena to compete looked impossible. I felt the medical team and therapists treating me did not understand my requirements and desire to fully recover, nor did they really care. Knowing Britta’s own story, and as a rider who understands what our bodies need to do in our sport, I decided to start treatment with Britta at the end of 2013.

After the first session with Britta my body was no longer in pain, my knee felt strange, light and almost normal and over the next few days I started to get pins and needles in my foot and leg! The first sensation I had had in it for nearly two years!

As the treatment continued, I made rapid progress, keeping up with my rehabilitation program I was able to make a speedy recovery in a matter of months, resulting in an almost normal functioning leg. Although there was still large areas of numbness and pins and needles, muscle tone, strength, feeling co-ordination were all returning and I remained free of pain.

Now several years later, I am back riding full time and competing top level. My body and indeed knee are pain free, and I have full range of motion and control of my leg, there is one numb patch that still remains but it seems to be shrinking in size.

Britta’s approach, understanding and compassion during and after my treatment were paramount to my recovery. Not only did she help me recover physically but also emotionally from the depression that resulted from such an injury and watching your dreams and goals dissolve and having seemingly no power over it. She also helped with my mental recovery, giving me confidence not only to do normal things again, walk, run, do yoga, but also to return to my sport with conviction to be better.

I will forever be grateful to Britta for being the key to my recovery, her professionalism and empathy all aided in my recovery and her own story is a continual inspiration to me. I’m proud to call her a friend and forever grateful to her. Thank you for giving me back my body, my life and my dreams Britta